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Q. What services does your company provide?

A. We currently offer 4 types of services – Labor Only Moving (Just Movers), In-State Moving (Movers + Truck), Heavy Item and Furniture Delivery, and Packing Services. Inquire with us today by email, call or text to receive pricing on any of the mentioned services!

Q. What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

A. Are you packed up and ready to move? – Being packed up and ready to move can speed up the moving process by hours! Having excessive loose items can add to the move time making the move costly. It also ensures valuables stay safe and secured! Remember to mark anything fragile as such. We offer professional packing services as well, please inquire for more details!

Q. Is there anything you won’t move or lift?

A. Yes – for safety and liability reasons, we won’t lift or move pianos, certain safes, workout equipment  items that weigh over 300+ pounds, and any item/pieces we may feel uncomfortable lifting due to fragility of the piece or set up of the new home (i.e. too tight of stair ways, piece won’t fit into doorway without damage, etc) without prior knowledge of the piece during initial booking and discussion. If you have any items that need to be moved that may fall under these categories, we can review the item by picture or in-person to let you know for sure if we’ll be able to move it or not. We reserve the right to refuse any item.

Q. Are you insured?

A. We are insured! Our current general liability insurance process is with High Country Trucking Insurance Agency. Proof will be provided in booking process or by request. 

Q. Will there be any additional or hidden fees that occur on the bill?

A. Our company knows that one of the main concerns when booking a moving company is the billing at the end and if they’ll get hit with surprise, unexpected charges. We take pride in being upfront with our pricing and will never add any hidden fees that you didn’t know we charged for once the initial quote is given. Here is our list of additional fees that may occur and will be brought to your attention prior to starting the move:

Additional Labor Needed – This will occur if we determine the inventory given to us is inaccurate and the move will require an extra set of labor + more time. We determine this during the initial walkthrough before the move starts and will be brought to your attention immediately.

Additional Stops Needed – We don’t have a limit on how many stops we can make, although we require any and all locations we will be stopping at prior to your move day when the booking process occurs. If any additional stops are added on move day, fees may occur.

Last Minute Cancellations/Changes – We know life happens and changes can occur therefore we are extremely flexible to any changes to your move date or cancellations that may occur. If there are any changes to your move date we just ask that you let us know immediately and we will work to accommodate. Cancellations are subject to a $80 fee if we are unable to accommodate a different day and/or if its under a 5 day notice.

Overall the only additional fees we may charge is if the initial move details given to us during the booking process are inaccurate/not what we expected. We don’t expect inventory to be completely 100% accurate, but a fair estimate given to us. This helps us determine the most accurate time frame and pricing to keep your move day as smooth as possible!

Q. Do you do assembly/disassembly of furniture and is that an additional cost?

A. We do assemble and disassemble furniture! We do not charge anything additional for furniture assembly or disassembly. Time may very per piece depending on complexity and piece size/make. If we are unable to assemble/disassemble a certain piece it will be brought to your attention immediately.

If there was any questions you still had that weren’t answered on this FAQ, please feel free to reach out to us by call/text or email!